sigur rós 2013 tour

piazza castello
ferrara, italy

  sold out

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growing emotions! my fourth magical experience.

at the end of concert i hear a sublime music for male voices. anyone knows the title ?


elisa eleonora giuseppe mauro silvio

............. .. ... .

elisa eleonora giuseppe mauro silvio

...... feelings, best band ever



Wonderful... you made us dream!! Thank You!!

Third concert of Sigur Ros within a year, everytime something different, but every time the same emotion of happiness! :) I even took a photo with Jonsi before the concert when he was getting some Italian gelato :) Hope to see you guys soon again, this is definitely not the last time I went to a Sigur Ros concert! Great show!

The best concert ever.

Everything was perfect, music, scenography, location. I never feel emotion so strong and different.

I wanted only one thing: a higher volume... I wanted that everything falls down with sigur ros strength.


tornado Jónsi during Popplagið!!!

even after four shows, magic is the same!

thanks Sigur Rós

Terrific show in Ferrara. Well done, guys. Takk!

No words to explain how you make me feel each time I have the honor and the privilege to be part of your performance. Every single part of me start a journey deep inside. I'm the fish in the ocean, I'm the bird flying high. I'm a flower, I become a stone, a cloud, rain and sun. Thanks for the emotions I feel each time I listen to your music, each time I see you exploding on stage, leaving me and all of us speechless, with sparkling eyes - thinking about that the next time, will always be a long wait. See you in London. Ciao Alex, nice to see you in the crowd...Bless bless

It is impossible to define what I felt at your show. I can't find anything good enough to describe the feeling I still have just thinking of it. All the concert is in my brain and I am doing my best to keep it there as long as possible. But I need your help, a live album of this tour, would be appreciated. You have created those new sounds, distorted, destructured that have this huge impact on the guts and touches the bones. You represent a new era, something that didn't exist and started from you. Your music can make you feel good and better from inside, it is a kind of energy, a good one that everybody can use in the way they need. Can you come to Italy more often please? Once a year could be great...takk

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