sigur rós 2013 tour

junge garde
dresden, germany

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Hello there!

The live webcast was so amazing and the concert so beautiful!! I loved every single piece played today. I was having what I would call an average-non-good-day but this concert just changed it, thank you! I watched it with a friend and she loved it as well!!

Awesome band. Awesome gig. There are no better 2 songs together by any band, ever, than Glosoli into Untitled 8.

It was my grandads funeral today and one of the hardest days of my life, but watching this streamed live in such beautiful style with the every song played really moving me was beautiful, amazing job guys, please do more of these :)

You guys make life, life. I don't know how to thank you.


estuvo muy bueno el concierto, hermoso.

Felicitaciones por la nueva manera de dar a conocer los conciertos a la gente que los siguen.

Un abrazo!

Sajid Aguilar

It was amazing! I'm glad you did this to make us feel like we were there.

Only got to see parts, but it was great - looking forward to Laneway Festival US in Sept

your music is a dream, your show a dream come true!

Thank you for the unique stream!

There are still some bugs to sort out (the last 5 or six songs I was only able to hear, not see - on a fast work connection) but you sounded wonderful.

It was awesome to be able to see both from the crowd and band views! Sigur Rós live > Sigur Rós <3

I loved it! A bit laggy sometimes but worth it to get to experience the show. The movable camera was amazing. Thanks so much for providing a live stream! It helps until the band comes back to Toronto.

Thank you so much for the live stream! Worth staying up for here on the other side of the planet. Though my internet is horrible, I'm glad to have seen it and listened to it. Your music gives me inspiration and happiness. Takk!

Much love from Indonesia


It was best performance and video translation what i have seen in my life. it was crazy. I just enjoyed it and can't wait to see you in Saulkrasti, Latvia...

Best music i have ever listened.

Via streaming they managed to make me feel a thousand more than most bands do IRL. That is magic. They are.

I think it was a brilliant idea!!! I hope you do it again soon! My favourite parts was Svefn-G-Englar because this song make me cry every single moment when I listen to it.. My dream is to see you live in Sicily.

Kisses from Italy! We love you! Thank you for this unforgettable night :'-) TAKK <3



That was the most astounding 1,5h i have ever experienced. Everything was played beautifully, with so much love and passion! Hopefully I get the chance to see Sigur Rós live in front of my eyes.

Thanks for this amazing event!

thank you for the webcast!

haven't seen you guys live since 2003. can't wait to see you this fall! safe travels.

oh, and Kveikur is fantastic!


The concert was amazing and mesmerizing and the interactive aspect made it even better. Thank you very much! It brought some peace and a bit of happiness to a very difficult day.

I'm still too moved to write anything more than that you are the band of my life, no other such perfect live playing artists in this world, loved this gig to bits, every song different emotions, Jónsi's voice sounds like the most gentle but powerful instrument, I have no words, really. Congratulations, outstanding performance, and thank you for giving me the opportunity to see/hear you live!!! I love you all <3

The concert was absolutely fantastic. It made my work day 10000x better without question. I chose only to LISTEN rather than watch and listen since I'll be seeing them on tour in Raleigh, NC. I didn't want the whole experience spoiled for me.

I can't wait to witness what I listened to live and in person, I feel like it's going to be life changing.

I would be thrilled if the set streamed today was recorded for a digital release, it would be an instabuy.

Thanks for doing this and thanks for making the music you make. You're all incredible people for playing any part in SR.

Much love and tons of respect,

Josh Hofer

i unfortunately missed a lot of it but what i saw i really loved! please do more like this!

To Jules up there : My grandad's funeral is tomorrow and I could say the same thing. Take care. Hugs.

I just can't believe it!!! It was magnificent!!! Thank you so much for thinking about us, the people who don't have the amazing opportunity to see you in a live show. PLEASEEE COME TO COLOMBIA! We are waiting for you guys!

It took me right back to seeing you live in Berlin in February, one of the most incredible experiences of my life. Thank you for this music, thank you for being a soundtrack in my life for the past seven years!


Saw bruce springsteen last night and that was great but seeing you guys play live again is just as good! looking forward to seeing you guys in edinburgh and absolutely loving kveikur!


Love the show via internet ! Even if my connection was a little too slow for it sometimes... But what a great joy to use the camera and turn, turn, turn, and see everything on stage, especially the group !!!

Love you, and your music who always takes us in an savage world, where elements and nature speak directly to our heart...

I live in Malaysia so the live streaming was 2:50am, got class at 8am.

Such a great idea and execution! Amazing set, as well. Wish I could have been there. The lighting was maybe a tad too dark, but then again it added to the ambiance. Thanks Sigur Ros! Stoked for the new albim...

Was totally bummed that live stream did not work for me. Good job I have tickets to see you live this tour for my b-day. Keep on innovating though lads, you are new media and proof positive that other business models work. Oh and your music is beyond amazing, but you prolly already know that. X

It was amazing!! I really hope you play the last 5 songs in that order when you come to Mexico!!!! Those are my favorite songs of all time.

Fabulous show! I saw you in Toronto in March and I've been longing for the next time, this live stream gave me that "more" I've been craving. Kveikur is inspiring my painting like crazy (you are my go to music when in my studio). Thank you for the constant magic.

We cant See the stream, because we were there :)

Awesome evening in "junge Garde" !!!

Thank you so much :)

absolutely amazing and beautiful, i can't wait to see you on tour!

well, it was Magical...

I saw the show via internet! I felt like something was growing in my room, something good, something warm... i cant explain with words, no other music makes me feel like that. I cant wait to listen kveikur!

I hope you will came to my city another time.

Greetings from Madrid!

What a cool and interactive way to present a show! Being able to pop around from one band member to the other was fantastic. I saw the show in DC and I have tix for the show in Philadelphia, I'm super excited for it now. Thanks for the free show!!!!

amazing concert! Varúð made ??me so emotional ... your new songs are very beautiful.

thank you for the stream, you made my night!!

...thank your for the great concert tonight.....still 29 Degrees and the heat goes on and on! hope you guys had a good time here in Dresden!

i send hugs out!

( One more thing, I have stitches in my jaw, hurt like hell, but during your concert I felt no pain at all, forgot all the suffering, I am not kidding. Takk, love from Krakow <3 )

Wow totally AMAZING !!!! I was on DRUM CAM ... Orri your a GOD !

Tonite I was on stage with Sigur Ros but next time I'll be back in the crowd at Jodrell Bank !!

Thanks so much for broadcasting. Wonderful. I can't wait to finally see the band in Tampa. I've waited years. The broadcast was perfect. Like I was there!

thank you for the unique stream!

that was the most astounding 1,5h i have ever experienced.

kisses from japan! we love you! thank you for this unforgettable night.

takk… big hug!!

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