sigur rós 2013 tour

indio, ca, united states

  sold out

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Last night's show was one of the most amazing things I've ever seen in my entire life. It's like the music was exploding from inside my soul.

there are no words that could properly describe their performance. this was easily the best, most powerful performance i have ever seen. each note was able to move the entire audience. i had chills the entire time and there was at least one time in each song that brought a tear to my eye.

everything about them, as artists and humans beings, is pure brilliance.

Ramona Greenway

ART! It was a auditory and visual experience like no other I have ever encountered. The artistic expression through music, videography and stage decor was so transendant accross cultures and lifetimes that the language of the lyrics was secondary and unimportant. I have never seen such art displayed in harmony like the performance I was so fortunate to watch at Coachella on April 20th 2013. Thank you for sharing your vision and your talent with the world.

I really love the show! So thankful to have been able to experience sigur ros live again. i saw them years ago in oakland, ca, and the combination of newer pieces with old helped take me back and propel me forward. the beautiful projections added so much to the over-all experience, and i walked away feeling like i had been through a light therapy session – in a really good way. a few times i just closed my eyes and felt the light on my face and sank into the music. it is not many groups that can draw tears and shouts of jubilation in the same show (or same song). thank you.


Highlight of my whole weekend! It was so beautiful. I could really feel the music and all of the visuals were amazing. I can not wait to see Sigur Ros again and again. Thank you so much Sigur Ros, until next time.

Come to Mexico, Sigur Rós!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Everyone else has already said what I need to say about how the show went.

But personally, I wanna thank 11 of you and all the crew for the magical, lifetime experience, that has changed my life. My soul is blessed. My life is complete. I don't even care if I'll be dead in any seconds cause I'd die in peace. Once again, thank you Sigur Rós.

PS: please kiss Kjartan Hólm for me.

melissa nezezon

As if God placed an angel's voice into a human's body so we might be able to only for even a moment know what it feels like to be at total peace heart, body and mind.

Time stood still for me that day. I will never forget it.

Thank you for everything! Till next time! Much love!

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