sigur rós 2013 tour

fox theater
oakland, ca, united states

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Love the new songs you played, especially Brenninstein. It was an amazing show. Got goosebumps the whole time.

Michael Thiessmeier

Seeing Sigur Ros live was on my bucket list and now I finally got to see them perform. An absolutely amazing audio-visual experience, which I will remember for many years to come. Thank you for giving me an enriching memory. Bravo!

Like Michael said before me, to see you all play has been on my bucket list. The crechendo of Glosoli consumed me. Wonderful show tonight. Thank you!

An amazing show! The sights and sounds was incredible. One of the best concerts I've ever been to. I can't wait for your San Francisco show tomorrow!

Ka Amorastreya

Thank you!! You made me cry.. again. (in a really good way), while filling me with joy, bursting at the brim. Thank you for playing Golosli!!! It is my favorite song ever, and I could barely contain myself. I am bringing friends to see you again tomorrow in SF. They are in for a treat, and I am ready for more. I have never been so enamored by a band of musicians before, but if I can help it, I will never miss a show when you are in town. Thank you for writing a potent soundtrack for the last decade of my life. Your music is sonic medicine, beauty and genius, depth and flight... truly epic. I love you.. really.

This was the fifth or sixth time I've seen Sigur Ros, but got to bring someone for their first show...and what a show it was. The music, the venue, and the sound quality all shined brightly—you can't argue with good acoustics. I loved the expanded backing band, which added a new twist to old favorites, and I really enjoyed the harder edge to the new songs. And, of course, things ended in a truly epic fashion.

As for my friend? Well, she's now a convert, to be sure.

Was there an opening band? Trying to determine how late I can be. Driving up for SF show tonight.

Stephen Beale

Great show. Visually stunning. I have all their CDs, so after the show I made a playlist based on the setlist (sans the new unreleased tracks). A bit too loud at times, but maybe that's just because I'm getting old (I sat in the central mezzanine). Opening act was electronic music artist Tim Hecker. He played for about a half-hour. He wasn't introduced, but I looked up the NYT review of an earlier concert on the tour. He was OK and got a good response from the crowd. I think SR came on around 9 p.m. But it's still worth getting there early. The lead-in music was a good setup for the band.

Thanks for the info! We'll try to get there around 9, but it's gonna be tight. Can't wait to finally see them!

give me more

I love you guys

come to u.s. more often!

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