sigur rós 2013 tour

bayou music center
houston, tx, united states

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absolutely mindblowingly beautiful

Sigur Ros Fan

An unforgettable evening, truly.

Takk Sigur made me cry. The most inspiring and energetic performance I have ever seen.

You tore a hole in creation with a guitar and cello bow. Truly an amazing spectacle of live music. Thank you so very much.

takk fyrir! that was a breathtaking show. the setlist was absolutely perfect.

Most beautiful concert I've ever seen! Breathtaking music (as expected) and stunning visuals.

A wonderful show. It's still difficult to comprehend that this music was being played live as it all seems so complex. But the fact that it was actually being played live (as opposed to the opening act's computers), makes it all the more astonishing and beautiful. From start to finish, it was a masterful performance.

The venue was less to be desired. Having seats would have been nice.

It would be neat to see them take advantage of more spaces for visuals during the show. For example, having a screen above the audience would allow for a more 3D experience.

Safe travels and hope to see you in Houston again!

the visual media was absolutely wonderful as was the entire performance. i am so glad that i went. thank you for playing Houston!

The show was absolutely unbelievable. Your talents reach much further than what can be heard on an album.

Thank you for loving what you do and sharing it with us. If I ever have babies, they will be created while listening to your music.

Absolutely wonderful show. It was my third time getting to see you and this time was just as perfect and unforgettable as the ones before. You are no doubt my favorite band, and I cried during nearly half of the concert because I was just so happy to be there. You guys have changed the way that I look at music, and really life. Keep doing what you do, I love you guys so much. Awesome show you guys. I am so happy that I could see you again. xoxo

Last night's concert was the single most amazing thing I have witnessed. Sigur Rós, you were absolutely brilliant, and your music brings such beauty into life. Keep it up, please, because you are fantastic!!

Truly transcendent! Beautiful and inspiring experience. Thank you!

Amazing show, I was thrilled to have seen it. Your performances seem to keep getting better and better. You all are amazing so thanks for the wonderful evening.

I was disappointed with the opening act, and from the chatter of the crowd around me it sounded like many were disappointed as well. Nonetheless you guys rocked the place and you are who we came to see, not the opener (whomever he was, never caught his name...)

such an amazing show! When Vaka was playing it suddenly hit me that I was at the show..been wanting to see you for quite sometime and was not disappointed. Truly an unforgettable evening.

It was one of the most beautiful and enjoyable live shows I have ever had. Splendid, amazing, marvelous. My vocabulary is not enough to describe.

One of the best days in my life~


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