sigur rós 2013 tour

paris, france

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Amazing !

Great emotion as usual but this track list is just perfect.

Some new tracks who let me imagine that the futur works of the band will be more electronic, more experimental maybe...

Why not, you have to do the music of your desir and inspiration. anyway, if you like your works, the audience will love too.

I really hope find an Official DVD of this tour, cause you have rach the perfection on live i think.

Please, Do a Film of this tour !!!!

Amazing !

Great emotion as usual but this track list is just perfect.

Some new tracks who let me imagine that the futur works of the band will be more electronic, more experimental maybe...

Why not, you have to do the music of your desir and inspiration. anyway, if you like your works, the audience will love too.

I really hope find an Official DVD of this tour, cause you have reach the perfection on live i think.

Please, Do a Film of this tour !!!!

Héloïse Mathat

What a wonderful moment, thank you for that...

Merveilleux merveilleux!

You succeded to create a warm and "intimate" feeling, despite of the size of the Zenith..

but why only one concert in Paris ?!

What a dream it would be to hear you next time outdoor, in one of the beautiful wild places France still Have... a little bit like the concerts you've done in Island..

Wow, just wow. The setlist was fantastic, loved the new tracks and the concert was amazing. You are such a great performers, what a strong stage presence!

Please come back to Paris. One concert per tour is not enough!


Thank you for That great moment. Maybe less songs as usual but you rework them in a beautiful way very intimate . And also the lights served so well the songs. It was a valtari ambiance With the old songs.

The new songs of your next album (the opposite side of valtari) very electronic and noisy confirm That you can go in every direction.

Thank you.

Merci merci merci!

Loved every moment of your performance. I can't wait for the next album, the new songs were amazing!

Hope to see you all again very very soon.


I felt just this unique feeling of anonymous intimacy.

One life experience. Definitely have to go for an wild icelandic show...

What a great experience, what a great moment you shared with us all!

While I was afraid the size of the venue would not match with your music, you succeeded in creating a very intimate atmosphere.

Everything felt perfect, the music, of course, the lights, the videos on screen. I don't know how you do that, but every single sound you produced was purely amazing.

I definitely can't wait to get my hands on your new record. The new songs you played yesterday were very interesting, a bit darker than usual but that's what's great about your music : you know how to reinvent yourselves.

Hope to see you (very very) soon,


I wish I was there yesterday... I should have been there if my son wasn't borned a few days before! But that is the greatest thing ever. And he already has listened to you during pregnancy and still now he's just still and quiet when Sigur Ros is playing in the house...

So next time I'll be there. Maybe in Iceland...


Graaaaaaceful !

Can we have the tracklisting ?

E.A.R.G.A.S.M.I.C :)

and you, did you like the concert?

for me, it was a great concert, it was my first, then I follow you since 2005.

it was beautiful, I was in a dream!

I am sad that the concert finishes, I could live all my life in one of your concert.

one day, I'll come see your concert in Iceland.

thank you for all, you've change my life !

Fabulous. Thanks a lot.

Could you please publish here the tracklisting. Thank you.

Here is the tracklisting:


Í Gær

Ný Batterí




Olsen Olsen




Með Blóðnasir






merci merci merci, c'était magique!

Youpi ! On va pouvoir dire n'importe quoi, ils sont Islandais, ils ne comprennent rien à notre langue ! :D (wink to the Jónsi's joke at Arras, 2008) Anyway they don't read these reviews, right?

So, I experienced a better place, for the acoustics and the visuals, right in the middle of the venue near the sound desk, because I thought the bad sound that I hear sometimes was due to my place near the front (as at Porto). But no. The show is still stunning, no problem about that, but the sound was still a mess on the loud parts of some songs (Kveikur, end of Varúð...). I think particularly about Kveikur, very nice new song, which deserves a better arrangement to make us hear finally the beautiful voice and melody. Also I hope you will change the setlist at least when you play several days at the same place (London) and perhaps consider that your audience is expert enough to appreciate other old songs like Von, Njósnavélin, Starálfur, etc instead of Hoppi?polla, Svefn-G-Englar... :)

My highlight of the show: e-bow. The new songs are promising.

I was in Rock en Seine last summer. First experience with a Sigur Ros live outdoors. It was just Magical ! Was afraid to discover you again in such a big place like the Zenith, but I was not disappointed at all. It was again magical. Different but still amazing how you play, how you are. Just simple. Beautiful singer(s), musicians. Beautiful images behind you. Very cinematographic, I loved the experimental. You seem so Happy to be with us, until the end. I hope you felt our standing ovation ! The setlist was fantastic, loved the new tracks and the duration of the concert was just perfect (2 hours)for me. As I'm a few months pregnant, I just can tell that my baby felt and enjoyed your presence. It was a very relaxing concert !

Hope to see you again in France soon ! Please come back !

Thanks for the magical you guys bring during the show.

This was the third time I saw you and as usual I was overwhelmed

Can't wait to see again.

Pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase come back to Paris !!

An electrical atmosphere for a magic concert. The interpretation of the best songs combined with dantean mise-en-scene and technique of lights gave to this magnificent two hours a perfection i've never seen.

Shit, it was awesome! Takk Takk!

I celebrated my 20 years with this concert. it was just amazing! it was worth it to be born! thank you very much. You are perfect !

lost in the dreams

what a great show!!!!

the setlist was perfect. This was my 5th concert of Sigur Ros and for the first time, I could hear vaka in live. it is the first song I heard from you and I never had the chance to hear it live until yesterday.

The way you staretd the show behind the curtain reminds me the first I say you in 2006. It was so beautiful.

And the lights, the large screen, the musicians, everything was perfect. I don't have words to describe how I felt, so i will just say Takk

What a great experience yesterday in Le Zénith. A fantastic performance that enhance my admiration about you & your singular universe. Hear "Vaka" was just very intense, I love this song since I heard it for the first time. Thanks for this pure moments. France will support you for a long long time!

Merci merci merci

Thanks you for with amazing performance.

Waouh !

Absolutely beautiful.

"Every single song was orgasmatic", said a friend of mine.

Hope to hear your new album soon.

Please never change

5 days after, I'm still very moved by the gig. Lots of beautiful moments in my head. I'm smiling and crying while watching the videos I've made. I've really believed we would have a second encore - we did all it could be done to have it :) - Anyway Thank you for that Out-of-this-world Night, for the performance, for the moment we shared twice at the end. Don't forget to come back... Au revoir!

Ever since I've discover you, years ago, during one of the movies you've colored with your fantastic music, I fell deeply in love. I run to my computer and find the music video. The combination of your divine sounds and the magical Icelandic landscape made me cry. tears of joy. I promised myself to see you live and last week my dream came true!!

I came to see you in Paris especially from Israel and it was AMAZING, EXCITING, INSPIRING, everything I hoped it would be and more...pure PERFECTION!!!

Please come to Israel. I have to see you again :)

Takk. Takk. Takk

Thank you for this wonderful show !

I have been waiting to see you live for many years and, after this concert in the Zenith, I understand that sharing a moment with you is a truly wonderful experience, which give us the feeling of being privileged.

It had been the best concert i have ever seen. Our 5 years old son, probably the youngest spectator of the concert, had really enjoyed too ;-)

More than a concert, an amazing performance, a trip, a true alchemy, a dreamlike bracket, an orgasmic moment !

What symbiosis between the acoustic universe and the visual world presented !

I think we were all hypnotized, as if everybody seemed aware of the dimension of what was proposed and wanted to savor the moment until the final note.

The last moments of Svefn-g-Englar, with high-pitched voice of Jónsi, in a silence of Cathedral, seemed to give gooseflesh to all the public !

Thank you for everything ! I have to see you again. Maybe in France, as soon as possible.

But my aim now would be to visit Iceland and see you perform there, in an intimist place, just surrounded by the wild nature or a place marked with history. A dream?...

Takk !

Hi !

I discovered Sigur Ros on MTV2 in 2006, i saw the video of Untitled 1. I was fascinated !!

And now, i've got all the albums, i love your music. i missed the show 4 years ago, but i was there this night !

Thank you for this great moment, the sound was very good. thank you for this show.

Merci merci merci merci !!

Takk !!

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