sigur rós 2012 tour

urbanscapes festival
kuala lumpur, malaysia

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Amazing! Still can't believe Sigur Ros came to KL. And every minute of it with the other thousands was just as lush as hearing it alone in my room. Thanks for coming!

magical. X !!!

Amazing set in KL. So moved by your beautiful music. Actually cried listening to Varúð live. Thank you for coming!

Despite having wet, muddy & mosquito bitten feet, it was all well worth it the moment it began! Thank you so much for coming to Malaysia! It's a dream come true ;)

Well fuck. After not being able to find decent work in the capital, I had to move back to the countryside; and now you decide to go to KL. Just fucking great.

this is really an amazing night with Sigur Ros!!

hope u all enjoy the firework tonight!!!

thanks you Sigur Ros!

i just wanna said thank you!

thanks for coming malaysia, this is our honored to had this awesome music!!

thsnk you, all of you guys is amazing!!

It's is really once in a lifetime to see them perform at here. You guys done a great job. Thanks Urbanscapes.

for the 1st time they are playing "brennisteinn". "hoppipolla" never dissapointed. the best part, totally epic ending from Sigur Rós! i hope for the next tour, never forget your tour in our country n bring amiina!!! thanx you, i found my soul back!!! thanx you!!!

A SUPERB PERFORMANCE!! Enjoy every second of it... Thank You...

azlin a. langley

amazing set list, epic performance. hope to see you again

terima kasih sigur rós!

A very superb performance. Magical!

Thank you Sigur Rós for another memorable night in my life. You guys are amazing.

Too awesome. Im lost in words.

i still can't believe that you guys playing at malaysia. Your guys were amazing and superb. Much love man. *hugs.

One of the most beautiful evening in my life! thank you so so much Sigur Rós to touched my souls and bring it back to life! now i know that it is not a dream but real. Thank you!

Call me a wuss for all i care but 'Varuo' and that long interlude in 'Festival' made me cried. Despite the muddy, damp environment, you guys made the night worth every minute of it. Just absolute brilliance. Tremendous show and epic ending, and that new song premiere? Just as amazing as their existing material (which by the way, does anybody know the title of the song? I could've sworn Jonsi said it at one point).

Please come to Malaysia. again. we'll welcome you any time of the day. Thank youu :)

It was better than I could have ever imagined. Thank you for coming... and please do think of us on your next tour.

Speechless. Mindblown. Epic. Just unbelievably amazing. Thank you for coming here. 23/11/2012 will forever be in my memory. Please do come again. Sincerely from your biggest fan.

You were heartbreaking and beautiful.

Was in a surreal world of moment but felt like eternity, Sigur Ros!

its a dream come true!thank you so much for coming!i love you guys!MALAYSIA LOVES YOU!!

thank Sigur Ros for coming to KL.. it worth it

I had the most epic day of my life. Jónsi's angelic voice and your ethereal sound made me cry aloud. You guys are just magic. Every second of your rhythmic lights and sound makes me feel like I'm in heaven. Thank you so much for coming, get to watch you twice in Singapore and KL. I am so grateful, thank you. I don't want to go back to reality.

We love you very much.

Amazing performance at Urbanscapes last night! Loved it that you guys opened on my favourite song, and played pretty much ALL my favourites from Takk. My life is complete! x

It wasn't the best venue out for the best music, but it was a night of magic and heart breaking 2 hours. My life is more complete after it.

All that needed to be said has been said by my fellow fans :) I teared up too, your music is just too beautiful beyond words. Please seriously consider and think of us here when planning for your next world tour. We would welcome you with open arms. Thank you for such an unforgettable night.

The people will always remember Sigur Rós for playing a show in Malaysia for the first time. It's been a meaningful moment to a lot us since we are only able to listen to your songs and live shows through Youtube and other online streaming site. If able, some of us might even fork out our money just to get tickets to go overseas to watch you guys play live, even UK is like over 5000 miles apart.

It has been one of the important events of my life this year. I'm sure that night Sigur Rós had touched all of us with all the beautiful presentation of art, sound, sight and most importantly, emotion. It's like you guys speak to us, each of us, personally, telling stories and sharing personal experiences as human.

Thank you again and hope you guys do enjoy your stay at our little corner on this planet. Hope to see Sigur Rós next time!

one word.dope!

Sigur Ros...guys, you were magical last night!Thank you for coming to KL. do come to Malaysia again...twas an amazing experience! Varuo & Festival made me shed tears <3

Thank you for coming to Malaysia. I'm really really really love you guys. Thanks a million Sigur Ros. Do come to Malaysia again, okey? :')

It was awesome!

After this full concert please!!

After this full concert please!!

Sigur Ros Festival in Malaysia!

Sigur Ros, thank you so much for coming to Malaysia. It's like a dream come true. Your music totally moved us.

The cutest part last night was when Orri played a lil bit too fast in Olsen Olsen,Jonsi and Georg stared at him and smile.haha. #epic #sigurros

Thanks a lot for your music !



dream come true.

thank you Sigur Ròs!

goosebump! thank you Sigur Ros.

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