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berlin, germany

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Great show tonight. Started raining just as Í Gær was kicking in, which was actually kind of great. I've been a big fan for years and years, but somehow only just now caught them live. Everything everyone's always told me about how great they are live was true--and then some. Amazing. I just can't believe the Killers were the headliner, but I suppose there's no accounting for taste.

so high expectations... so much enthusiasm...and then: such a bad sound engeneering... they screwed so many songs (suchs as my fav, untitled 8)

prob. the rain made it worse or caused it... dunno.. but it ruined my SR evening, which I waited for so long...

Thanks anyway to the best band in this solar system.

Hope to catch ya on a gig with less tech probs

only one word: magic!

came from Siberia just to listen to the best and the most exciting group ever, and though there were some technical problems with sound it was amazing and magic!

Thank you for the show, Thank you for the beautiful music.

Hope there will be a chance to see you once more)

I was there yesterday.

Thank you.

Spectacular! The experience since Gabriel's Scratch my Back last years and, certainly, YES in the 70th. Terrific.

It's so difficult to discribe something I cannot put in words, because it's a feeling inside. I'm already overwhelmed after your concert yesterday. 500 km and every cent worth it, to drive to Berlin only to see you! Hope you'll come to Germany again as soon as possible. Thx Sigur Ros!!! Peace & Love

Also the sky was crying because of your amazing music.


As always, it's really hard to describe my feelings when I listen to Sigur Rós. Being a fan for over ten years it's always a special moment in life to be a part of your music. Yesterday I loved standing in the rain and watching the beautiful show with all their terrific lights and the wonderful backdrop. Apart from any sound problems it was a fantastic concert I have waited for such a long time. I love the impulsive songs with the remarkable lyrics and the perfect musical realization: the scratching on the violin, the variety of instruments and the adorable voice which is so mutable.

Thank you for making my day. I really do appreciate your work for such a long time!

Perfect Music with typical islandic weathter,but the sound engineering was worst i ever heared! If its for one song or a short time is ok, but over the complete concert there were to many mistakes

have to agree with f.gordon and steven above. waited so long for this band to come to germany, accepted this stupid hipster festival as the only chance to see this unbelievable band, had the highest expectations and then such a disastrous sound... of course it's not the band's fault, but that doesn't change anything about my deep frustration. retrospectively, i wished, the band would have just stopped playing until this stupid sound engineer did his job. i just hope, they won't stay away for the next 4 years again...

I knew something about your music but honistly I never recognized you in a way like I recognized other post-rock-bands. I stood 20 meters away from the stage and from my point of view it was amazing. I heard that it was terrible that the bass was so loud but for me it was kind of amazing cause I really felt your music. On the other hand I was thinking about the people with pacemakers cause every part of my inner body was vibrating.

Finally I just wanna say thank you! I was really overwhelmed!

I was in the very front of the people with wet hands, wet hair and a joyful heart. Takk fyrir!

Please come back to Germany!

Stupid festival and terrible sound - but what a wonderful concert. Made me cry. Thank you! Please come back soon.

I love you and thank you for your amazing show and for your perfect music! Can't wait to see you again! Please, come in romania, a lots of fans loves you here, too!

. I did not know whether I should laugh or cry

. my head was hyperstimulated

overwhelming !

! thank you

Thanks a lot for a great concert dispite some sound issues. Saw you last in Copenhagen some two years ago and again the same feeling that evrything just for a moment is so right. Weather, music atmosphere just great. Cant wait to see you guys and girls again.

THANK YOU! Amazing isn't enough. Cried for the first half hour. You're the best.

Me and y boyfriend travelled to Berlin from Oslo, norway to finally see our mutual favorite band. From the moment to entered the stage I had goosebumps all over my body, my soul was truly filled with happiness and joy and all I could feel was the overwhelming love I felt for you.

You make the most beautiful art I could ever imagine and I love you with all my heart. Hope I get to see you again in the future. Maybe in Norway? Many, many fans are waiting for you here.

thank you for the best music experience in my whole life, despite the sound-problems.

drove around 400km, joined this festival just to see sigur ros and drove back afterwards. headliner the killers? the world is a strange place, really. i read so many reviews of this festival, but only a few mentioned sigur ros. they should dismiss all of those so-called music experts as well as you should not sell tickets to these spoiled city slickers who are not appreciating good music.

thank you for this wonderful experience. no words can describe this night. i am still overwhelmed. thank you for creating goose bumps every time i am listening to your music.


This was the first time I had seen you live and I thought you guys were incredible! Your music is so powerful, I was completely mesmerised!

Already have my tickets for your uk tour :D

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