archive for August 17th, 2005

permalink two new songs on itunes
17 August 2005

sæglópur is now available to download on the itunes music store in north america. glósóli is available on itunes as well, but only in selected european countries at the moment. the band’s label is trying to make glósóli available in as many european countries as they can and we will keep you updated on these developments.

permalink sigur rós marriages
17 August 2005

it’s time for the annual sigur rós gossip column. orri and his girlfriend lukka were married last week on a beach in hawaii, just the two of them plus the hawaiian priest. georg and his girlfriend svanhvít were also married earlier this summer, by hilmar örn hilmarsson, their friend and head of ásatrúarfélagið, the icelandic religion of norse mythology. kjartan and maría (from amina) got married a couple of years ago in las vegas while on tour. jónsi also appears to have found his soulmate in his boyfriend alex. we’d like to congratulate all the band members on the happiness they’ve found, and hope it continues to be reflected in their music.

permalink tour diary updated
17 August 2005

the sigur rós tour diary has been updated with an interview with the band’s biggest fan, rymer, aged six. rymer’s sincere reponses to his live experience brought a smile on our faces, as well as the band’s. the tour diary is now on a break but will hopefully continue with more extensive coverage of the north american tour in september & october.